brillant ring series


The foundation of my series „brilliant“ are the individual facets of the Tolkowsky Brilliant-Cut. I capture the facets formal into my grid structure. Depending on the angle you can see the brilliant cut. I design my forms in a 3d program, which are afterwards 3d printed. Aspects such as the hardness and sparkle of diamonds play a role in further consequences. Therefore, i have selected steel as the base material to manifest approximately the hardness of diamonds. The sparkle retrieve in the packaging of the jewelry in terms of the mirror-polished stainless steel.

facets of the Tolkowsky-Brilliant (1919)
The brilliant-cut by Marcel Tolkowsky stands for a very good luminance efficacy and the very best sparkle. In the U.S. his finish is the basis of the cut-classification.

brillant [bril‘jant]
1. A special cut diamond, which is characterized by strong refraction and sparkling shine.
2. The term „brilliant“ without addition relate only to the round diamonds in a brilliant cut.
3. Features: Circular girdle, at least 32 facets and a plate in the upper part, at least 24 facets (sometimes a culet) in the lower part.