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pieces of jewelry that tell a story

Jewelry is something very intimate. It caresses your skin, it pictures your mood and represents your taste. It makes you attractive, underlines your personality and flatters your individual beauty. High quality jewelry gives you a certain feeling of life.

Ariane Ernst produces her collections only in Germany and its surrounding countries, such as the Netherlands or France. For her pieces she uses a wide range of high class materials. Ranging from steel, brass, silver to gold.

High quality jewelry enhances every outfit whether as an everyday-essential, a key piece or an eye-catcher.

Ariane’s designs are always straight forward and plain, yet extremely feminine and smooth.

For Ariane a jewelry’s value is not only defined through its materials, but even more through the immaterial value we give the pieces ourselves – the stories and events that they live through with us!

Find your new favorite piece in our online shop and create your own everlasting memories! Discover rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings that are timelessly elegant and always set trends for tomorrow.