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Men’s jewelry is very much in demand lately.

For the first time ever, Ariane has included special pieces of  men’s jewelry in her ZEITGEIST and ‘initial’ collection. They certainly hit the taste of fashion- and lifestyle- conscious men. Ariane remains with her minimalist and fine style, yet creates pieces that are not too feminine.

With her ‘for lovers and friends’ necklace, Ariane wants to inspire couples to emphasize their eternal love with a matching piece of jewelry.

On the one hand, men can wear the ‘for lovers and friends’ necklace as a single piece to emphasize and underline their look. On the other hand, they can wear it as as memory and souvenir underneath a shirt or pullover. Jewelry is something very intimate.

Treat yourself to a beautiful bracelet or a high quality necklace or surprise your girlfriend for a birthday or anniversary with an accessory that connects you.

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