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In order to meet her high quality standards personally, Ariane Ernst and her team produce the jewels on site in Düsseldorf and with the support of local companies. She works with a wide range of materials: The jewelry is made in steel, brass, sterling silver and real gold. We obtain our precious metal from the recycling cycle of German divorce institutions. The gold we use for our gilding is holistically recycled gold. The gemstones used are fairtrade traded. The diamonds are subject to the Kimberley certificate.

If an alloy is used, this is always a high-quality real gold alloy in the best possible coating. The colored jewelry is made of a special polyamide, which is 3D printable. Each of these unique pieces printed in this way is processed by Ariane Ernst and her team with special care to round off disturbing corners and make the jewelry pleasantly wearable. In addition to the locally manufactured jewelry, we also attach great importance to long-term cooperation with German family businesses in our packaging. Our jewelry is a long-term companion. For this reason, we always offer a manual refurbishments of our designs

“craftsmanship & passionate design are the essence of my jewelry _ that’s how I create companions intended for a lifetime.”