modern western chain
ariane ernst

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Includes 19% Mwst.
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  • reinterpretation of the Bolo Ties
  • adjustable in length with a pushbutton
  • available in 2 different lengths
  • the necklace can’t be opened properly, you need to pull it over your head
  • customizable with 2 numbers
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    Customize your necklace with 2 numbers!
    The order of numbers is according to top view - left & right.


The new necklace of ariane ernst can be customized with 2 number. These numbers are attached to the end of the strands – a homage to special days and years. The pushbutton is movable and can be adjusted.

Everyone knows this special feeling of something familiar from their own childhood. It gives us security and warmth and creates a very special form of sensual memory. Our new modern western chain is supposed to trigger these special associations. Ariane designed this special chain, thinking of her time in equitation. A time where she competed in western tournaments with her beloved pony Nicki. The new shape reminds us of Bolo Ties, a necklace made of a leather strap with a decorative clasp. Ariane has reinterpreted the classic Bolo Ties and transformed them into a contemporary design language, made of high quality sterling silver.

An everyday companion that can be personalized with 2 numbers. Your year of birth, the memory of a special day or your lucky number: perpetuate your personal memory with the new modern western chain. This piece of jewelry should remind you of all the beauty and lightness that you sometimes long for in your everyday life. Complete your look with our beautiful new modern western bracelet.