what’s your lucky number
ariane ernst

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  • delicate necklace with your lucky number
  • one number per necklace
  • available in 3 different lengths
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Numbers are anonymous  – we assign meaning to them and thus make them our lucky charms.

Lucky symbols and talismans are encouragements for exciting situations. They trigger memories that we associate with a specific moment in our lives. Numbers can transform these specific times and memories into a form and capture them permanently. They turn the transience of the moment into eternity. These moments should accompany you in everyday life. That’s why Ariane Ernst has designed small lucky numbers for you. Delicate sterling silver necklaces with a small number as a pendant. A nice way to wear your personal memories around your neck. The numbers are designed in the typical Ariane Ernst typeface.

Ariane’s personal lucky number is the four, what’s your lucky number?