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ae goes fashion


Now the time has finally come and after months of work we can present ariane ernst _ key pieces. At ariane ernst jewelry, we embody consistency and continuity. We want to live up to this long-term aspiration on many levels. Inspired by the current social mindset and Ariane’s understanding and needs for fashion, the goal is to enrich the wardrobe with the timeless pieces. They are essentials with a strong identity, defined by their silhouette, a perfected cut and natural materials.

ariane ernst _ key pieces stands for longevity and transparency. As a small company dedicated to craftsmanship, the transparency of our work is particularly important to us in all steps. So it was clear to us from the outset that we wanted to remain true to this credo for our key pieces. As with our jewelry, we have deliberately decided against a production with the focus on the mass. With Helmut Petersheim Strickwaren GmbH we have found a great partner who manufactures our pieces regionally in Mühlhausen, Thuringia. This relationship was underlined once again by the fact that the seat of Petersheim is quite ignorantly the parental home of Ariane’s great-grandpa. We are happy to be able to implement this collection together with Petersheim with the highest standards of quality and fair working conditions. The pieces are thoughtfully limited to avoid leftover stock. Due to the locality of the production, it is possible for us to react to increased demand. Our vision is to complement the wardrobe with the curated collection instead of reinventing it. Accordingly, in our internal design process, we have deliberately opted for neutral shades that can be used and combined with each other forever.

We want to offer wearable, including parts, created for any size or body shape. Our sizes are therefore not standardized, as we intend not to align the fashion with knitted body types.

We want to present a holistic concept and take into account the well-being of people and the environment at all times.

“craftsmanship & passionate design are the essence of my jewelry _ that’s how I create companions intended for a lifetime.”