size guide

I offer most styles in various sizes and lengths. Check out the information below before you order your jewelry online.

The initial necklace is made in lengths of 45cm, 50cm and 60cm. The right length is always a matter of your personal taste and depends on your stature. Take a look at the adjoining illustration to get an impression on how the different lengths look like on a neck.

It is always best to go to a jeweler or visit our store in Düsseldorf to find your perfect size. Ring sizes can be determined by measuring the inside diameter.  Check out the following size conversions before ordering a ring:

50 = ∅ 15,90mm
51 = ∅ 16,20mm
52 = ∅ 16,50mm
53 = ∅ 16,80mm
54= ∅ 17,20mm
55 = ∅ 17,50mm
56 = ∅ 17,80mm
57 = ∅ 18,10mm
58 = ∅ 18,50mm
59 = ∅ 18,80mm
60 = ∅ 19,10mm

For special orders, please contact us via mail.

We will surely find solutions for sizes that are outside the specified range.