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As a small help in choosing your jewelry from our online shop,you will find information about the different lengths and sizes of the different models here.

The initial chain we manufacture in lengths 45cm, 50cm and 60cm. Which length is right for you depends on your stature and of course your personal taste. You can see how the different lengths fall on the illustration on the side.

Ring sizes can be determined by measuring the diameter, but it’s best to simply go to a jeweler or come to our store to determine your perfect size. The dimensions and the associated sizes are as follows:

50 = x 15.90mm
51 = x 16.20mm
52 = x 16.50mm
53 = x 16.80mm
54= x 17.20mm
55 = x 17.50mm
56 = x 17.80mm
57 = x 18.10mm
58 = x 18.50mm
59 = x 18.80mm
60 = x 19.10mm
For custom-made products,just contact us by mail.
We are also happy to find solutions for sizes that are outside the specified range.

“craftsmanship & passionate design are the essence of my jewelry _ that’s how I create companions intended for a lifetime.”