zeitgeist baby


Today’s Zeitgeist is characterized by contradictions: on the one hand we strive for a faster, more connected and increasingly global life – on the other hand, we long for mindfulness, for peace and belonging. Each second, we are all connected and informed about everything, and yet we just want a quiet place without any connectivity, where we can daydream and relax, because we really want nothing more than honest relationships and the security of a family. This Zeitgeist basically fuels our endless desire for the next kick, the next high and the next adventure.

Such acceleration makes us want to connect with our childhood memories, interact with familiar forms and reminds us to us to cherish the actual important things in live in a whole new splendor! With her new collection ‘zeitgeist baby’, Ariane Ernst has created pieces of jewelry, that do not oppose this dynamic today, but rather takes up these current trends and translates them creatively into tried and tested forms, symbols and facets. Between all this hustle and bustle, the ups and downs her well-known handwriting manages to create an atmosphere of friendship, of propinquity, of calmness and the possibility to withdraw. These pieces conjure a smile om our face with each and every look into the mirror. She sharpens our gaze for the extraordinary, with her love for the ordinary!