designer fashion jewelry
in gold, silver & rose gold

Ariane strives to create all-time favorites with timeless elegance and the ability to become well-known trendsetter. Extravagance meets playfulness, classic clashes with modern and the old jewelry craftsmanship is combined with newest 3D technology. Ariane Ernst plays with her love for detail, her well-grounded knowledge and her passion for art. Fashion jewelry represents spontaneity, trendiness and chick, handmade high-quality jewelry on the other hand states your personal way of life. Within her collections Ariane combines these two worlds and positions herself with her jewelry ‘inbetween’.


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Don’t try and run after a trend, but set new trends.

The beautiful jewelry of Ariane Ernst is having a great success on Instagram lately and can be found on countless pictures of well known influencers.

extremely popular: cool layering looks with different lengths, colors and materials.

ariane ernst

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neuigkeiten rund um ariane ernst

wie behandle ich meine schmuckstücke damit ich möglichst lange freude daran habe? wie kreiere ich mit unterschiedlichen ketten einen coolen layering-look? worin unterscheiden sich eigentlich die verschiedenen materialien?

fragen über fragen, die ariane ernst für dich in umfangreichen artikeln auf ihrem blog zusammenfasst und beantworte.

erfahre alles über die geschichten hinter den kollektionen von ariane ernst und lasse dich inspirieren.